Selling your house is a huge undertaking and, frankly, it can be a little frightening. Greteman and Associates are here to help you make sure you have everything under control. You need to know the market, so you can set the right price and you should make sure you home pops out at potential buyers. Your first impression is usually your only impression, so make sure it counts!

See below for some great tips on selling your home or business.

Real Estate Selling Tips

  •      real estate selling Keep your house and garage tidy
  •     Repair sticking doors and windows
  •     Decorate faded walls and touch up worn woodwork
  •     Replace cracked windows and door windows & torn screens
  •     Clean and sanitize carpets and rugs
  •     Replace worn carpet and rugs
  •     Repair damaged switches and light bulbs
  •     Wash or paint exterior if necessary
  •     Repair leaky plumbing
  •     Abolish objectionable odors
  •     Keep pets out of sight and under control
  •     Keep TV And radio volumes low or off
  •     Never apologize for appearance
  •     Leave showing entirely to salesperson
  •     Make sure you lawn and other landscaping is  neatly trimmed and mowed
  •     Make certain your yard is clean of refuse and leaves
  •     Open the drapes and curtains. Clean the windows. Dark rooms do not appeal to most buyers
  •     Have your closets clean and organized so they look as spacious as possible
  •     Repair or replace discolored or damaged caulking around bathtubs and showers
  •     Give the real estate associate a key for use when you might be gone.